Membrane bio-reactor

MBR is a combination of a membrane process like micro filtration or ultra filtration with a suspended growth bioreactor. This very compact arrangement produces a MF / UF quality effluent suitable for reuse or as a high quality feed water for Reverse Osmosis Treatment. The MBR Process cam be employed in activated sludge processes, using the membrane as liquid - solid separation instead of the usual settling techniques. It has high separation property due to trans - membrane pressure, blocks sludge and larger molecules in the membrane letting clear water to permeate through.


  • Pre - Treatment
    a. Pre screen
    b. Oil & Grease removal
    c. Sand Removal & Fine screen
  • Bio Reactor
    a. Submerged Membrane / Airlift Membrane
  • Air Blowers diffuse to the waste water
  • Balance sludge discharge through pump
  • Clear water will be permeated out by self priming pump at vaccum pressure through MBR Modules
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